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Sebastian Giovinco Former MLS MVP Invests In The First Toronto Indoor Padel Club

Indoor T10 Padel Courts

Sebastian Giovinco

Sebastian Giovinco

Sebastian Giovinco 2

Sebastian Giovinco 2

T10 Official Logo

T10 Official Logo

Sebastian Giovinco T10 Padel

Sebastian Giovinco T10 Padel

Padel, a racket-based sport similar to tennis and squash, already popular with millions of players in Europe and South America, aims to expand in North America.

Padel is one of the most exciting and social sports to participate in the world”

— Sebastian Giovinco

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Sebastian Giovinco, the former MLS MVP and renowned soccer star, has made an investment that promises to revolutionize sports in Toronto. In a move that will surely thrill sports enthusiasts, Sebastian Giovinco has invested in the first Indoor Padel Club in Toronto under the distinguished banner of T10 Padel. Padel is a racket-based sport that shares similarities with both tennis and squash, and it boasts a staggering popularity among millions of players across Europe and South America. “Padel is one of the most exciting and social sports to participate in the world,” says Sebastian Giovinco – Founder and vice President. With this venture, Sebastian aims to expand the reach of Padel in North America while providing avid players with an all-around facility for their beloved game.

The establishment of this cutting-edge facility heralds great news for padel aficionados throughout Toronto and GTA. Equipped with four brand new padel courts imported from Italy by none other than T10 Padel themselves, this indoor club promises an unparalleled experience for individuals at every skill level.”Padel has quickly become the fastest growing sport in the world,” Explains Marco Massarotto – Founder and president. “From beginners seeking guidance to seasoned professionals honing their skills, everyone now has a home where they can revel in the joy of playing during both winter and summer months without any interruption or inconvenience,” continues Marco.

About T10 Padel Limited

T10 Padel Limited is the first indoor Padel Club in Toronto and GTA. Our goal is grow the sports across Ontario and allow new players to experience the joy of this sport!

Contact Information

Ben Zayandehroudi
T10 Padel
+1 416-525-8780
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Sebastian Giovinco Interview With (Sportsnet)

Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/663176813/sebastian-giovinco-former-mls-mvp-invests-in-the-first-toronto-indoor-padel-club

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