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Laser Welder Company Announces Launch of Australia’s Best-Selling Handheld Laser Welder Range in the USA at Affordable Prices

South Bend, Indiana – Laser Welder Company, experts in high-powered laser welders, is thrilled to announce the launch of Australia’s best-selling hand held laser welder range in the USA that is designed to bring high-quality fiber lasers to the public at the lowest possible prices.

After launching successfully in 2022 in Australia, Laser Welder Company quickly became the fastest-selling laser welders in the country and wanted to expand internationally to offer businesses and individuals access to this revolutionary technology. With more US factory owners recognizing the significant range of benefits laser welders offer, such as a welding speed five times as fast as TIG, far lower skill level needed for workers, and greatly reduced distortion and heat, which leads to a stronger weld, as well as laser welding only using 25% of the electricity and gas that TIG welding consumes, Laser Welder Company provides a cost-effective way to take advantage of laser welding.

The company’s product lineup is one of the biggest in the world. It spans entry-level models, up to 3000 Watt beasts that can weld ¼” thick metal in one pass – something that conventional welders such as TIG and MIG simply cannot do. One of the most exciting products is a 2000W portable laser welder, the first in the USA, which has 33% more power than the current top-selling laser welders yet is much cheaper and welds thick aluminum twice as fast. That is notable because laser welding is typically five times as fast as TIG welding and is set to displace a lot of TIG welding.

It doesn’t stop at the welders, either. Laser Welder Company sells some of the best performing laser safety eyewear on the market, including OSHA-compliant fiber laser glasses made in the USA and their new Gen2 laser welding helmet, which exceeds the protection levels of far more expensive European helmets but at a fraction of the price.

Company founder Neil Silke is an engineer with 20 years of product development experience at GM and Siemens. He says, “We’re delighted to be on the ground in the US. Our Sales Manager Aaron is a Certified Welding Instructor and has been astounded at what our laser welders and cleaners can do.”

Despite their low prices, Laser Welder Company isn’t offering cut-price technology. Silke says, “Our Lightwelder20 portable laser welder is unique in using air-cooled heat pump technology to give a class-leading duty cycle of 100% at up to 105°F. Also, the key is its high conversion efficiency of 42%, far above conventional lasers. We’re also proud of our larger product line, G5, which uses a double weaving welding head, which is the best on the market in our experience and offers the neatest welds on thin gauge materials.”

“We don’t just sell welders. We also provide technical expertise and safety guidance on our website, which is quickly developing a reputation as the leading resource on laser welding.” comments Silke.

Laser Welder Company invites customers with any questions to browse the extensive case studies and FAQs available on its website or to fill out the convenient contact form to receive a reply from a member of its professional team.

About Laser Welder Company

Launched in 2022, Laser Welder Company was founded in the USA to sell the same products that have shaken up the Australian laser welder market and to become a market leader. With an enviable and unmatched reputation for ease of use and reliability, as well as an informative website acting as an all-inclusive resource for laser welding, Laser Welder Company is the expert in high-powered laser welders.

More Information

To learn more about Laser Welder Company and the launch of its best-selling handheld laser welder range in the USA, please visit the website at laser-welder.net.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/laser-welder-company-announces-launch-of-australias-best-selling-handheld-laser-welder-range-in-the-usa-at-affordable-prices/

About Laser Welder Company

The team at Laser-welder.net has many years of experience in welding and laser welding, so we know the massive productivity benefit that laser welding offers for thin and medium gauge sheet metal fabrication. As such we are perfectly situated to guide you to the best solution for your needs.

Contact Laser Welder Company

1507 South Olive Street

South Bend

IN 46619

United States

+1 574 999 4866

Website: https://laser-welder.net/

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