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Real Estate Mentor Ryan Kuhlman Once Again Mentoring Florida Investors

Kuhlman has taught and coached thousands of people around the country on how to be a successful real estate investor. While the owner of BREIA, he personally mentored over 300 students, creating bonified Real Estate Investors. His students over the past 15 years have realized more than $25,000,000 in profits. More than 100 students have become full-time investors, and more than 50 students have also become mentors themselves.

Flip Coach

The Flip Coach sharing profits with successful students.

The youngest ever President of the National REIA (Real Estate Investors Association), a title he held from 2018 to 2023, has now launched a South Florida real estate mentor program. Ryan Kuhlman, aka "The Flip Coach," is accepting students who want to become successful real estate investors.  

The Flip Coach is launching his new Mentor Program for Real Estate Investing. Over the last 23 years, Kuhlman was previously the President and Lead Mentor of The Broward Real Estate Investors Association (BREIA). He built the most successful real estate mentoring program in the state of Florida and possibly the country. He now runs a highly successful real estate company, Florida Homeowner Solutions, with a full staff and call center for wholesale and fix and flip projects. Students in the new Flip Coach Mentor Program will get the privilege to come see and learn from The Flip Coach’s operation from his office in Hollywood, Florida. Students will be able to spend time with The Flip Coach at his office running his successful company in real time. They will also be able to visit fix and flip projects for a real hands-on education on how to buy and flip real estate for huge profits.

Students also receive The Flip Coach booklets that complement the video training with a few more details, definitions of terms, and full cold calling scripts and outlines of how to approach motivated sellers.

Additionally, the mentoring students will also get the Flop or Flip excel programs designed by The Flip Coach. This software will not only help students understand how to evaluate properties correctly but will ensure they make good offers on every property.

The Flip Coach developed the most successful real estate mentoring programs in Florida by tapping his experience from his own real estate investment company. This puts Kuhlman's mentoring above all other "coaches" who do not operate their own real estate company in Florida.  

Most mentors teach from what they used to do as they don’t spend time running their own company - they simply teach. The Flip Coach doesn’t just teach things he did in the past, he teaches what he does in the now in the current market. He will be able to show you how to build your business properly just as he did. It’s the only mentor program in South Florida of its kind.

For more information, visit https://www.flipcoach.com/florida-real-estate-mentoring and book a discovery call.

Contact Information:
Ryan Kuhlman
1 (800) 300-4663

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