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Press Event on May 30: Bill Gross’s $15 Million Stamp Collection Coming To Auction

The only One-cent “Z” Grill available to collectors

View “Bond King” Bill Gross’s stamp collection before it comes to auction this June.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, May 22, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — On May 30, Siegel Auction Galleries will be holding a press event at the Collectors Club of New York to celebrate and offer viewing of the William H. Gross Collection of United States Stamps: Complete, before it goes to auction this June.

Bill Gross was given the nickname the “Bond King”, for his extraordinary investment strategy. At his peak, he managed over $290 billion in assets. He even wrote a book called “Everything You Know About Investing Is Wrong.”

So, what was he thinking when he started to put together a stamp collection?

Bill Gross’s collection isn’t a typical stamp collection. Over the past two decades he has sold over $50 million worth of postage stamps. But he still has one collection remaining—the one that he is most proud of, and the one from which he potentially stands to profit most handsomely. He didn’t want to let this one go for a reason, but the time has finally come.

The Bill Gross Collection of United States Stamps is complete—which sounds nice, but to an outsider probably raises more questions than answers. Complete according to who? And how impressive is such a feat?

Collectors for a century and a half have used the Scott Catalogue as their Bible. This reference work categorizes every postage stamp ever produced by the United States government. Having one of each stamp has been the goal of millions of collectors throughout the decades.

There’s only one problem. A couple of the stamps are unique. They’re one of a kind. And their rarity ensures that only one person has a shot at completeness at any given time. For almost 20 years, Bill Gross has been that person.

The Gross collection has all of the obstacles to completeness, and then some. He owns the 1868 One-cent “Z” Grill, America’s most valuable postage stamp. He owns the only known 1873 24-cent “Continental.” He also has the rare printing errors, including the famous 24-cent Inverted Jenny. Not everyone may know what these stamps are, but in terms of rarity and value, they are unmatched in the stamp collecting world. The One-cent “Z” Grill alone is estimated to sell for $4m to $5m.

Bill Gross owns essentially every important stamp collecting rarity. Until June 14, that is. That’s the date when 100 of the most iconic, valuable, and important stamps from the Bill Gross collection will hit the auction block (the remaining stamps from the collection will be sold the next day). The total sale will realize well into the eight figures.

The dream of a complete stamp collection is out of reach for all, but a few collectors. Bill Gross diligently collected these tiny pieces of paper, placed them into a stamp album, and finished the job. On June 14-15, other collectors will finally have their chance to get one step closer to the finish line.

Press Event Details:

Date: Thursday, May 30. Interviews can be scheduled from 12pm-4pm. Hors d’oeuvres, wine, and champagne will be served from 12pm-2pm.

Location: The Collectors Club, 58 W 40th St, Mezzanine, New York, NY 10018

Why you should attend:

· Schedule interviews with Scott Trepel, president of Siegel Auctions, and Charles Shreve, Mr. Gross’s collecting advisor for over 30 years—both are well-established leaders in the auction business with nearly 100 years of experience between them

· View and photograph America’s most valuable postage stamp, the One-Cent “Z” Grill

· View and photograph other stamp rarities including the famous Inverted Jenny

· Pick up exclusive media packets and request material suited for your special needs

· Reserve your space at the auction on June 14

Please RSVP to abaumgardner@siegelauctions.com to set up an interview on this day.

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Don’t Miss Your Chance — The One-cent “Z” Grill

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