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MarcoPolo700 Foundation Announces Partnership with Renowned Explorer Ash Dykes

Ash Dykes during one of his adventures

MarcoPolo700 Foundation, an organisation dedicated to cultural exchange and education

The MarcoPolo700 Foundation is excited to announce a new partnership with Ash Dykes, the globally acclaimed explorer, adventurer, and extreme athlete.

Ash’s role as our ambassador will undoubtedly amplify our efforts to bridge cultural divides and promote a greater understanding of our world”

— Rupert Gather, Chairman

LONDON, ENGLAND, July 2, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The renowned explorer Ash Dykes will join the Foundation as its official ambassador, bringing his passion for exploration and adventure to support the Foundation’s mission of promoting cultural understanding and global education.

Ash Dykes is celebrated for his record-setting expeditions, including his pioneering solo trek across Mongolia, his walk along the length of Madagascar, and his world-first mission to walk the entire length of the Yangtze River. His dedication to pushing the boundaries of human endurance and his commitment to environmental conservation have made him a prominent figure in the adventure community. Ash’s values of perseverance, cultural appreciation, and environmental stewardship align perfectly with the MarcoPolo700 Foundation’s goals of fostering cross-cultural dialogue and enhancing global knowledge. Given his passion for exploration, his endurance and long journeys, some people may even call Ash a modern Marco Polo.

“We are extremely impressed by Ash’s ambitions and drive,” said Rupert Gather, Chairman of the MarcoPolo700 Foundation. “His achievements and values resonate with our mission to inspire and educate people about the rich tapestry of global cultures. Ash’s role as our ambassador will undoubtedly amplify our efforts to bridge cultural divides and promote a greater understanding of our world.”

As part of this exciting partnership, Ash Dykes has committed to a unique journey co-produced with the MarcoPolo700 Foundation. This special expedition, with the famous Silk Road at its core, will aim to highlight the Foundation’s vision and mission, showcasing the importance of cultural exchange and education in today’s interconnected world.

“I am incredibly excited to support the MarcoPolo700 Foundation,” said Ash Dykes. “Their dedication to promoting global education and cultural understanding is something I deeply believe in. Together, we will embark on a journey that not only challenges physical limits but also brings people closer through shared experiences and knowledge.”

The MarcoPolo700 Foundation is dedicated to advancing cultural understanding and global education by promoting the values exemplified by the legendary explorer Marco Polo. The Foundation believes that by exploring and learning about different cultures, individuals can foster greater empathy and cooperation in an increasingly globalized world.

For more information about the MarcoPolo700 Foundation and its partnership with Ash Dykes, please visit www.marcopolo700.org or contact: info@marcopolo700.org

MarcoPolo700 Foundation
MarcoPolo700 Foundation
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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/724542767/marcopolo700-foundation-announces-partnership-with-renowned-explorer-ash-dykes

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