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Illinois’ 11th Dist. Congressional Candidate Susan Hathaway-Altman Announces Latest Endorsements

Susan Hathaway-Altman Republican for Congress IL-11

I believe in a better America, where the rights and freedoms of all people are respected and protected.”

— Susan Hathaway-Altman, Candidate for Congress, IL-11

GENEVA, IL, UNITED STATES, January 2, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Illinois’ 11th Congressional District Republican Candidate, Susan Hathaway-Altman announces a very impressive endorsement list from prominent elected officials and leaders. Their comments clearly show their belief that Susan is the right choice to represent the suburban families and residents of IL-11.

Susan’s “Path to a Better America” resonates with everyday Americans struggling with runaway inflation. Under the Biden Administration, interest rates doubled and costs of gas, food and utilities have left hard working Americans with thousands less in their pockets and mounting credit card debt.

The latest round of endorsements include Laura Pollastrini, the well-respected Illinois GOP Treasurer and 11th District State Central Committeeperson. Also listed are State Senators, Dave Syverson and Don DeWitte, Kane County Coroner, Rob Russell, Republican leader of the Will County Board, Steve Balich, former Aurora Police Chief, Larry Langston, Chairman of the Western Kane Republican Organization, Antonio Cundari and Kane County Board Members, Gary Daugherty and David Young.

Notable comments include:

“We need the candidate with the best credentials and who resonates with the suburban families of this district, and that is Susan Hathaway-Altman,” stated Pollastrini, GOP Treasurer and State Central Committeeperson, Hampshire resident and Village Trustee. “For everyday Americans in the 11th District to have a voice in Congress, we can’t have a multi-millionaire elitist representing us. Now is the time to get behind the strongest candidate to take back the 11th District, and that candidate is Susan Hathaway-Altman.”

“Americans are drowning in debt caused by the poor decision-making of this Democrat Administration that cares more about special interests and their green agenda than the suburban family trying to put gas in their cars and food on their tables,” said State Senator Syverson of Boone County. “There are 3 candidates running for Congress in the 11th, but the one who can win the March Primary Election as well as the November General Election against Foster is Susan Hathaway-Altman. She has my full support.”

“Wall Street is thriving under the Biden Administration, but the residents in my senate district are not, and that has to change,” said State Senator DeWitte of St. Charles. “Susan Hathaway-Altman comes from the business community, but she’s also a single mother running her household and caring for her children. Her experience would bring value to Congress, while giving the families of the 11th district a voice. My nod goes to Susan Hathaway-Altman for Congress in this district.”

“I’ve had multiple opportunities to hear the candidates speak and engage in conversations with them, and Susan Hathaway-Altman has the best grasp of the issues of concern to everyday Americans,” stated Kane’s Coroner, Russell. “This country cannot afford learning curves – we need a congressman who will hit the ground running when they get to DC, and Susan most definitely will do that. She has my full support.”

“Susan may be a newcomer to politics, but she has been engaged in her community for years, including actively participating in her church and in numerous philanthropic organizations for decades,” said Balich, Republican Leader on the Will County Board. “We don’t need any more talkers in Congress, we need do-ers, and Susan isn’t afraid to jump into a fight and get her hands dirty. Every district deserves a Susan Hathaway-Altman representing them, and I proudly endorse her candidacy.”

“Businesses have struggled in this economy and their cries have been ignored by the Biden Administration,” said Cundari, who is also President of Prella Technologies, Inc. “We need some new and younger faces in DC who understand business and corporate America, and that’s Susan Hathaway-Altman.”

“Law enforcement needs US Congressmen who support the police, not politicians who give lip-service to get elected,” stated former Aurora Police Chief, Langston. “Look where the defund the police rhetoric has gotten us, topped by prosecutors who would rather let criminals go free than to hold them accountable and protect the public. Susan Hathaway-Altman is pro-law enforcement and supports strong border enforcement and protections not only for the American citizens that this porous border harms, but for the border patrol agents that put their lives on the line every day without support from the Biden Administration. Susan has my full support.”

“The rights of Americans are being eroded by an Administration that cares more about controlling its people than upholding the freedoms given to them by our Founding Fathers, and Susan sees that and stepped up to do something about it,” said Daugherty, Kane County Board Member. “She was raised in a military family and saw first-hand from her father, the importance of defending our country and what the men and women in our armed forces put on the line every day to protect our freedoms. That’s why Susan has my full support.”

“Susan is a principled leader who coalesces groups to support a cause and leads by example,” said Young. “I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside her and know that her heart is in it and she’s not afraid to roll up her sleeves and put in the work. Susan is a true Patriot and believes in putting Americans first. Without hesitation, I endorse Susan for 11th District Congress.”

In 2021 Susan ran for US Congress over concerns about the world her children would grow up in. They deserve the same rights, freedom and safety as previous generations. She was a political outsider working the old-fashion way, knocking doors and getting to know the people. Two years later, she’s running for the same seat, working harder and smarter.

“I believe in a better America, where the rights and freedoms of all people are respected and protected,” said Susan Hathaway-Altman. “Our district needs a representative with American values, outstanding skills and incredible passion. I’ll fight relentlessly to uphold the rights and freedoms enshrined in our Constitution. I am humbled by the support of so many hard-working, respectable leaders who have put their trust in me. I look forward to earning the trust and support of all residents of District 11.”

Visit www.Susan4Congress.com or support the campaign at https://secure.winred.com/susan4congress/donate-today

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