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Contemporary Art Biennale Basel – the other exhibition during the Art Basel

Art by Tanja Playner will be exhibited at the Contemporary Art Biennale Basel 2024

Heinz Playner and artist Nada Kelemenova

Heinz Playner and artist Nada Kelemenova

Art by Rebeccah Klodt will be exhibited at the Contemporary Art Biennale Basel 2024

Art by Rebeccah Klodt will be exhibited at the Contemporary Art Biennale Basel 2024

BASEL, SWITZERLAND, June 12, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The other art exhibitions in Basel can also be seen during Art Basel Week 2024. The MAMAG Modern Art Museum is organizing the exhibition “Contemporary Art Biennale Basel” from June 14th to 16th, 2024. Selected artists from different countries will show their art in the Grand Salon of the Hotel Victoria in Basel. The exhibition was curated by the curator and director of the MAMAG Modern Art Museum Heinz Playner. You can see sculptures, paintings and digital art. The exhibition features artworks by Tanja Playner, Rebeccah Klodt, Nastazja Staniszewska, Andisheh Moghtaderpour, Young-Sik Lee, Giorgia Pezzoli, Maka Dadiani, Begona Cubero Marcos, Future is EMZO, Iythar Ghurab, Anna Alfanana, GUTO, Hedia Carron, Quingzu Lin, Nada Kelemenova and other artists .

In Austria living artist Tanja Playner explores new perspectives and objects in her painting style. She divides the motif into several parts and often places the upper and lower bodies perpendicular to each other, but on different objects. This creates a new view of space and perspective. In some works of art, Tanja Playner brings people into a dialogue with the objects and in others into a dialogue with themselves.

Works of art by Rebeccah Klodt from the USA impress with their abstract implementation, which the artist draws from her environment. She works from her studio in Minneapolis overlooking the Mississippi River and her lakeside home. Nature is an important inspiration for Rebeccah. However, she is always ready to give credit to her three creative children, husband and loyal pets for their valuable encouragement. Rebeccah regularly exhibits her work in Europe and the United States.

The artwork “Internal Empire” by Anna Alfanana will also be exhibited at the Contemporary Art Biennale Basel. Anna Alfanana (full name – Anna Khrustaleva), PhD SPbU, EMBA Kingston University, grew up in the frosty embrace of northern Russia. Anna’s artistic journey is deeply intertwined with her roots in the ancient walls of the Orthodox Christian Spasso-Prilutsky Monastery and is translated into abstract paintings. Her images radiate pure emotion and deep depth and reflect the intensity of her innermost feelings. The painting “Internal Empire” from the series “The way of life choice”, shows the spiritual flight and magic of our inner monastery of the mind, where tenderness coexists with passion and courage and will be on view at the Biennale in Basel.

Artworks by artist Andisheh Moghtaderpour deal with different themes (humanitarian crisis, environmental disasters caused by conflict, natural disasters, climate change, etc., symbolic, spiritual themes, dreams, still lifes and fascinating animals) depending on her feelings and the influence of her surroundings trying hard to deliver a message. Andisheh was born in Washington DC (USA) in 1971 of Iranian and Swiss nationality and grew up in Iran from 1976 to 1997. From 1986 to 1995 she took private drawing and painting lessons and completed her studies at the faculty with a Bachelor of Painting (BA). She graduated from Azad University of Tehran in 1998 with a degree in art and architecture. She has traveled and lived in Cambodia, Colombia, Cameroon, South Africa and Madagascar and has lived in Geneva, Switzerland since 2008.

Some of the works of the Chilean artist Giorgia Pezzoli will be on display in Basel. Her works are nourished by the essential magic of the unique handcrafted process, where mind and soul merge into vibrant, emotional creations. Among her interesting and investigative topics there are various motifs: The 7 main sins, some trilogies such as; birth, life and death; Beat, Brain and Sex; Art & Death, Art & Love and Art & Madness; Heaven, Purgatory and Hell; a series of 366 portraits and the 9 light boxes of the intervened x-ray installation (which she collected through various accidents and examinations) entitled Boneselfportrait.

Works by the Berlin-based artist Young-Sik Lee will be on display at the Contemporary Art Biennale Basel. For Young-Sik Lee, art is the work of documenting and reinterpreting human life and universe. In his works of art, the artist deals with utopia and the pursuit of life in an allegorical form, which he elaborates into several works in his Exodus cycle. His artwork has been exhibited in several countries such as Tokyo, France, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Switzerland, Cuba.

Works of art by the Spanish artist Begona Cubero Marcos are also exhibited in Basel. Through the canvases, Begona Cubero Marcos from Spain manages to express her deepest thoughts and feelings, trying to capture everything that would be impossible to express in a few words.

Princess Maya (Maka) Dadiani belongs to the royal dynasty of Mingrelia in Georgia. Maka Dadiani developed a special technique in order to obtain three-dimensional effects and relief forms. Her work, whether figurative or abstract, is based on profound academic knowledge and is characterized by immense expressivity and unfathomable sensitivity, as well as stylistic versatility and dynamism. She also integrates technology into her paintings, creating moving images. A “living” moving work of art by Maka Dadiani is on display in Basel.

Artwork “The World is F*cked” by Future is EMZO, inspired by “The Birth of Venus” by Sandro Botticelli, will be on display in Basel. The painting shows the goddess of love and beauty arriving on an idyllic island of Cyprus from the perspective of global change including environmental change. A Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce (RSA), with a First Class Honors Bachelor’s degree in Art and background in VFX, Future is Emzo quickly attracted interest and several of his pieces were featured at the international exhibitions.

Works of art by the Czech artist Nada Kelemenova will also be exhibited at the Contemporary Art Biennale Basel. Nada Kelemenova likes to experiment. She finds satisfaction in trying out new painting techniques. Today she dedicates herself to abstract forms of painting, combining classic oil or acrylic painting techniques with structural painting.

14 – 16 June 2024
Hotel Victoria, Basel, Switzerland
Centralbahnpl. 3/4, 4002 Basel, Switzerland

Public View Days:
15 June 2024: 11 AM – 5 PM
16 June 2024: 11 AM – 3 PM


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PAKS Gallery GmbH
+43 676 4347872
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