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Angel Ai Runs 2nd Commercial before The Big Game With Fair Lending for All

Angel Ai, proudly part of the Sun West Mortgage (swmc.com, NMLS 3277) family, will advertise before The Big Game for the 2nd year with a new ad spot that will be supported in digital and streaming media. The ad showcases its AI platform and shows its ability to deliver Fair Lending for all.

Special Guest for AngelAi's Big Game VIP Party

Special guests including the 49ers' own Hall of Famer, Terrell ?TO? Owens, American Idol?s Athena Jett and Skateboarding sensation Wyatt Hammond

In a continuation of the story it started last year, the 2024 ad joyfully integrates live-action and animation and shows the Angel Ai character delivering solutions to complex financial life situations. The new creative message comes as Angel Ai has become the industry benchmark as a financial personal assistant. The ad features Angel Ai’s chat-based format and will be seen by an audience of over 20 million people shortly before The Big Game this weekend.

Pavan Agarwal, the founder of Angel Ai and CEO of Sun West Mortgage Company explained, “Today Angel Ai is already bringing together home buyers, realtors, and mortgage professionals allowing for fast, efficient, and trustworthy execution of the home financing process. Beyond the immediate benefits of Angel Ai, there is a bigger opportunity. In the past, income inequality reached record highs. However, with its AI technology, Celligence has decreased decline rates significantly, by almost 50% among minority groups, meaning more of them can become homeowners. This illustrates the wealth creation opportunities that Angel Ai creates.” 

To celebrate Angel Ai’s ad spot before The Big Game, Pavan is hosting a VIP Party in Las Vegas on Saturday, February 10th with special guests including the 49ers' own Hall of Famer, Terrell “TO” Owens, American Idol’s Athena Jett and Skateboarding sensation Wyatt Hammond to celebrate the genius team that built Angel Ai and to showcase the new commercial before the Big Game. https://angelai.com/bowl

Angel Ai’s commercial will be shown nationally on Univision, in Puerto Rico, and in selected CBS local markets as well as via streaming and digital video platforms. Everyone can check out Angel Ai at AskAngel.com. https://angelai.com

About Sun West Mortgage Company (NMLS ID 3277):

At Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. we dedicate ourselves to offering an amazing experience to our customers. To accomplish this, we empower our loan officers so that they can find great rates and provide the most fitting loan options for each customer – at amazing speed. Our focus on technology has given us an edge in the mortgage industry to offer exceptional turn times so the customers can get into the home of their dreams sooner.

We are committed to our core values of people, experience, technology, and product. Sun West was founded in 1980 with the perspective of “customers first” and the desire to make the mortgage process easy and stress-free for prospective homeowners. Since then, Sun West has been servicing a multi-billion-dollar loan portfolio and is licensed in 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Our 43 years of experience has been passed down to everyone here at Sun West through excellent leadership and capabilities.

For licensing information, go to: www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org. Visit https://www.swmc.com/disclaimer for the full list of license information. Please refer to https://www.swmc.com/TXdis to view Texas Complaint Notice and Servicing Disclosure. In all jurisdictions, the principal (main) licensed location of Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. is 18303 Gridley Rd, Cerritos, CA 90703, Phone: (800) 453-7884.

Realtors® is a registered trademark of National Association of Realtors®.

American Idol, Hall of Famer, and 49er are registered trademarks of FremantleMedia North America, Inc., HOFs Ltd., and National Football League, respectively.

Wyatt Hammond and Terrell Owens are paid spokespersons for Celligence International, LLC., the creators of Angel Ai.

Celligence International, LLC is an affiliate of Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. 

Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. is not affiliated with any third parties mentioned in the press release. The names are owned by the respective third parties.

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